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When Life is Hard

Today, our world and society has been turned upside down by our recent events. There is so much hatred and happening that many of us feel unbalanced, unsure, and fearful of what may happen next. This bigger worldview doesn't include our daily personal view of our life. And the truth is some of our personal lives are a mess. Life is hard. No one ever said it would be easy. A good friend reminded me that life is also messy. There are no absolutes and we must make the best of life.

Today, Beloveds, we are in messy times, personally and collectively. So how do we find balance? How do we remember that We Matter when all around us we are being diminished as a people? I offer this: Try to remember what works for you and what puts a smile on your face. For me it has been therapy, starting to write again (today is my first blog in a long time!), and searching for for spiritual self again.

Life is hard, and You Matter even when it is dark, even when it seems hopeless, even when you don't believe you matter. Unity and love always emerge in chaos and hatred because Love Wins, You will Win because you Matter!