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The Silent Killer of America

America…the land of the free… the home of the brave…Or is it? In a time where the majority of society seems to revel at the fact that America finally seated its first black President, and promoted many marginalized communities to positions of power, news keeps on raging about issues of hatred and racism that seeps out through the cracks of our society. Considering the recent events of Donald Trump, the news stories, and the international pandemic; A private philosophy has spilled and became infinitely public. While the public opinion develops, it unearths undertones that fire up discussions dealing with the lie that we all as Americans lay with nightly; the absence of racism and hatred. It has become to adults what the Boogeyman is to children. While both are inanimate and purely cerebral, the assurance of its absence physically does not dismiss the thoughts perpetuated both individually and collectively.

Society cannot and will not erase history. As much as they try to ignore how America came to be through slavery, violence and murder, the fruit it has produced continues to remain. Time will not let us outlive the truth about the reality and foundation of this nation. A cracked foundation was created with the eradication of the Native Americans. The building supplies were purchased with human currency attained through slavery. The finished product is an overly elaborate house built upon hatred, power, and greed. Until the silent killer of the truth is cut out by its roots, the fruit will continue to run rampant in society and breed like angry dogs.

What has been will always be without proper rectification. You cannot expect an addict to change their behavior without first admitting to it. That is the problem that plagues our country’s racial climate. We have become junkies to idealism and have abandoned what is more tangible; the truth.