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Surrendering to Your Purpose

Every Human Being comes to this earth with a purpose. When you are a baby and a child, your purpose is very clear. Your Being is strong, intense, and sincere. You move through the world being authentically you. Your gifts and talents shine and the community around you delights in who you really are. Then, fear happens and at times you forget the Best You. You forget how to just BE.

I am learning that your human self will complete it's purpose whether you want it to or not. The hell and misery you feel daily is due to the lack of living in your purpose. But you can stop the hell anytime if you just surrender.

When you are aware of what your purpose is, when you connect to your child self, you have peace and joy. You experience the best of yourself and it feels so good.

If you are like me, you may know what your purpose is and you may not want to surrender to it in your adult life for various reasons. But surrendering to your purpose is the only way to be fulfilled in this life. Purpose scares us because we think Big when we think of purpose. If you pause...you can begin to realize that purpose is simply the thing that brings a smile to your heart. Your purpose keeps you in alignment and in flow with life.

If you have to surrender to anything this life brings, surrendering to your Best and High Self could be the best decision of your life. You Matter enough to give it a try!